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Here are some questions raised by the text that we might (or might not) find it useful to consider in class: In v21, Peter asks Jesus how many times he needs to forgive “another member of the church” (NRSV) – as.

These small group studies of Matthew contain outlines, cross-references, Bible study discussion questions, verse by verse commentary, and applications.

. Matthew frequently refers to Jesus as the "Son of David. What does the "end of the age" mean according to Matthew? (Matthew 13:39-43, 49-50) The end of the age refers to the complete end of the age of mankind.


Matthew starts his genealogy with Abraham ( Matthew 1:1 ). Practice your righteousness before God not before men. He gives three illustrations: giving to the poor, praying, and fasting.

” Satan did not question Jesus’ deity;. Dec 28, 2018 · Sheep101.


( Matthew 5:3) The foundation: poverty of spirit.

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He gives three illustrations: giving to the poor, praying, and fasting. Matthew is the Gospel for us to emulate in servant hood, and commitment to stay on God's path both in our personal lives and collectively as the Body of Christ.

The Gospel Of Matthew Part One: The Presentation of the King (1:1–4:11) I.
“But if he will not hear, take with you one or two more, that ‘by.
Jul 12, 2019 · Questions for Reflection and Discussion – Matthew 5 21-32.


MATTHEW 1: The Genealogy and Birth of Jesus Christ.

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. . You may unsubscribe from Bible Gateway’s. 82 Likes, TikTok video from Katya Kelly (@jesusismysavior2023): "Matthew note, answers, and Bible Study verses #biblestudy #bible #sword #jesuschrist #jesuslovesyou #jesus #jesussaves #jesusisking #foryou #christiantiktok #godisathand". Why does Matthew call Jesus, “Son of David, Son of Abraham”? How does the genealogy in Matthew 1:2-10 line up against the genealogy in.


Jesus’ family flees to Egypt to escape Herod (13-23) I. This study guide was designed for adult Bible classes, though it might be suitable for junior and senior high classes as well.



) The Trials of This Age, the Judgment of Jerusalem, and the Return of Jesus (Matt.

(6:1-18) 2.

”Here are some questions around that text that we might want to consider before or in class: The story begins with the arrival of the “Son of Man in his glory;” we normally assume Jesus is talking about himself here.