0 or older you will have to pay a one-time subscription fee of $300.

Applies to most of BMWs with iDrive NBT. .

Main Features.


Top-rated. . 2019 BMW 330i [0.


VIN. . FOR BMW Apple CarPlay Activation NBT EVO ID5 ID6 +Android Screen Mirroring ++VIM.

BMW received negative. Nobody can activate you Carplay for free on ID7.


I also had apple CarPlay from the factory.

hi Solution how to activate Apple Carplay on. Fits for CIC NBT NBTevo.

The app will ask for a unique code- the code will be in your email after order is placed. What we did is simply making it full screen, n.

Works Until iLevel 18-11.

Entrynav2 CarPlay Activation.

Android Mirroring.

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Views: 57,132. . Visit BIMMER-REMOTE. . . ID6 Carplay Activation.

GTS FLASH F8X / F8X Ultimate PACK / NBTEVO iDrive 6 FLASH + CarPlay Fullscreen.

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I also had apple CarPlay from the factory.

While this is a more advanced upgrade, it comes with a lot of added benefits, such as an HD screen upgrade, iDrive Touch controller, full coding from BimmerTech, CarPlay & BMW Apps pre.


Here are the high-level steps on how to setup Apple CarPlay in your BMW: 1.