Feb 22, 2023 · If you happen to visit our neighbors at the Oregon Zoo in the next few weeks, you might not think much about the wood shavings that some of the animals are using as bedding.

Manufacturer of excelsior (wood wool) fibers made from Great Lakes Aspen.

United States. In the past it was used as stuffing, or padding, in upholstery.


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In North America, excelsior is the term for shaved wood fibers used for packing delicate items. It can mean any of the below: Excelsior can be used as a noun to refer to fine wood shavings used for packing and shipping materials. Type: Soft and perfect to work with.

Wood wool (wood shavings) has many uses, including the stuffing for teady bears.

Aspen wood is white, soft, lightweight but fairly strong and was used for making oars and paddles, surgical splints and wagon bottoms. This product is also known as "Wood Wool" or "American Moss". .

excelsior: [noun] fine curled wood shavings used especially for packing fragile items. .


Also referred to as excelsior in North America, these are soft wood shavings that are bound together by water and cement, creating a material that can be found in packaging, cushioning, insulation, and even stuffing teddy bears.

I would like to use Excelsior in the wood box for marketing reasons and keep everything looking nice. Color: Natural tan color as shown in picture.

But there's actually an interesting story behind how this natural material, often known as excelsior or wood wool, made it into these habitats in the first place. Excelsior, known as wood wool in some parts of the world, is made by shredding aspen logs.

Apr 14, 2022 · wood wool; wood-wool; Conclusion.
Fraxinus excelsior, the scientific name for the European ash tree; Excelsior eight-eight (Callicore excelsior), a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae found in South America; Acraea excelsior, a butterfly of the family Nymphalidae found in eastern Africa; Typefaces.


It is mainly used in packaging, for cooling pads in home evaporative cooling systems known as swamp coolers, for erosion control mats, and as a raw material for the production of other products